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Behaviour Management in Science

Supporting teachers new to the profession in considering ways of managing the behaviour of their students so that a positive, effective learning environment can be sustained.

Applying Knowledge and Understanding in Science

Help your science students apply their knowledge and skills by focusing on AO2 exam specifications.

Develop the ability of your students to apply their knowledge and understanding of scientific ideas, scientific enquiry, techniques and procedures. This course focuses on the demands of AO2 in exam specifications and offers practical advice and suggestions on how to develop application and problem solving skills. You will create a toolkit of activities that will help you promote application skills in your students.

These modules will help you to:

  • Explore a range of ideas to improve the accessibility of AO2 questions to your students
  • Increase the Science capital of your students
  • Use practical work in unfamiliar contexts to develop pupil resilience
  • Develop strategies to deliver topics in more applied contexts using problem solving skills
  • Develop strategies to help build resilience in lessons

Science for Low Attainers - How to Engage and Ensure Progress

This course will look at how to effectively deliver the science curriculum to ensure progress by low attainers. The course will look at how the curriculum can be modelled to support low attainers and you will develop strategies to engage students with science and to ensure that pupil's skills are developed to allow them to access examinations and required practicals.

These module will help you to:

  • Adapt curriculum models to raise attainment for lower ability students in science
  • Build skills for accessing assessment
  • Develop strategies to deliver the curriculum within engaging contexts for low attainers
  • Link understanding science to real-world contexts

Are you interested in embarking on this full 'Secondary NQTs and Trainee Teachers' journey?