Our Partnership

The Devon and Cornwall Science Learning Partnership was appointed by STEM Learning to contribute to their mission of providing 'A world-leading STEM education for all young people across the UK'. In partnership with the DfE and other stakeholders, we provide training opportunities to staff at all levels of education from primary through to higher and further education. We also work closely with the other partnerships in the South, including the Somerset SLP.

As schools face the challenges of reopening, we're here to support you. Working with our colleagues across the South, we are really pleased to be able to offer you a large range of remote courses this term. Our facilitators are committed to deliver affordable CPD that meets your needs and has a positive impact for both teachers and students. In addition to the online courses advertised, we will be holding regular teacher network meetings to discuss current issues and share good practice.

A Shared Vision

Our vision is to achieve a world-leading STEM education for all young people in Devon, and across the UK.

This vision combines knowledge-rich and effective teaching, thinking, investigative, creative and practical skills. STEM subjects are seen as critically important to the UK’s future economic success post COVID-19.

As part of STEM Learning, a UK-wide organisation and the largest provider of education and careers support in STEM, we work with schools, colleges and employers to promote all aspects of STEM to young people. We believe that young people are then more likely to choose STEM careers in the future, while ensuring industries that employ STEM-educated role models (STEM Ambassadors), are meaningfully linked to schools, to inspire a new generation, giving young people the future skills they need.

Investing in science and computing teachers is crucial to the overall vision. STEM Learning helps teachers and teaching support staff to access high quality continuing professional development (CPD) that has demonstrated measurable impact on teachers, their students and their schools. One way teachers can access CPD support is through the Science Leaning Partnerships, of which we are one.

Access Professional Development Opportuities

Our professional development offer is excellent quality and DfE approved. Always delivered by an accredited STEM facilitator, our training days focus on a blend of pedagogy and subject knowledge to ensure that your teaching is given the support it needs

Along with the other SLPs in the South we're here to support teachers and support staff to become more confident and helping them to teach more effectively in the classroom, improving outcomes for young people.

Course Brochures

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